May 28, 2004

i haven't blogged much these past couple of days. nothing much to report, really. i've been working (tonight's the last evening of work. yay for that) and trying to catch some much-needed sleep (it ain't working much). it's been a pretty uneventful couple of days lately. i've been unwrapping albums i hadn't gotten to (mainly Cat Power and Sun Kil Moon). but this has made my day -- my dvd rental place just shipped two titles today after a good week of not being able to find anything from my list:

Sam Fuller's Pickup on South Street. really happy with that one as i've been meaning to get into his films lately. and Masahiro Shinoda's interesting Double Suicide. Criterion discs are always fun to get in the mail :)

for the weekend, i have Lasse Halstrom's 1985 My Life as a Dog from Criterion and Trey Parker's very elusive (as you can see i've got a couple of those on my lists) Cannibal! The Musical. that'll be a fun one to finally see.

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