May 24, 2004

it's a rainy day. first 100% chance of showers in a while now. it'll be good.

i'm going to see Dogville this afternoon. the roommate's bowed out, though. negative feedback from her friend yesterday seemed like too much to take. and i'm okay with going alone (even she was the one who got me interested in going today in the first place) because i don't wanna have to drag someone to a three-hour Lars von Trier experiment. i'm reading up reviews on the film to ease my mind; here are a few that helped: the flick filosopher, the christian science monitor, premiere, the san francisco chronicle, the washington post, and 366 days, 366 movies. i'm not saying i'll love it, but at least some people get it.

according to Frank chromewaves, Fox is moving 24 to monday nights for the next season (which starts in january with a two-hour premiere episode. v cool). season three ends tomorrow evening.

holy shit!

24 Spoilers :: read at your own fuckin' peril ::
seriously, folks, do not even attempt to read if you do not want the faintest trace of a hint of what will happen in tomorrow night's episode ::

from Dark Horizons today:
Meanwhile whilst "24" is coming back for a fourth (and uninterrupted) season starting in January on FOX in the US, some of its key players won't be making the journey for another go. There's SPOILERS ahead for the third season so those not up on who lives/dies should LOOK AWAY now.
i stopped reading right-fuckin-there. damn. i can't wait for the season finale :)

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