May 22, 2004

Montreal's Ex-Centris is celebrating it's five-year anniversary with a bunch of free movies from june 5th to the 9th (at noon, though). and the movies, although not new releases are really interesting: Claire Denis' "Beau travail", Abderrahmane Sissako's "En attendant le bonheur", Siddiq Barmak's "Osama", Wong Kar-Wai's "In the Mood for Love", and Laurent Cantet's excellent "L'emploi du temps" ("Time Out"). link from Montreal City Weblog.

oh, btw, this bit of news is starting to come out. i don't know if it's been "officialized" yet (of course the Bush Administration will never say) but Ahmed Chalabi, the White House's #1 Bestest Friend, was apparently working for Iran when he convinced BushCo to get rid of Saddam because of his "WMD" stockpile. they invaded a fuckin' country because Iran duped them into doing it!!! now, the fact that they were fooled does not excuse their act. they acted like bullies and would not budge when no one else wanted in. they smelled blood on Saddam and were not about to back down. they actually invaded with an $87B+ war that is getting thousands of innocents and military folk killed.

btw, we already knew Chalabi was shady back when the invasion was preparing itself, so none of this "we didn't know we couldn't trust him" bullshit, okay? he'd left Iraq 45 years ago. they were listening to all bunch of exiles -- who hadn't lived in Iraq for years!! they were looking for info and angles to go along with their plans. if they trusted, that was their own fault. be men and stand by your decisions, bunch of a-holes. somehow, i don't think that's what they'll do.

hopefully, this news gets out to the general public really soon, and with something of this magnitude, they'll see now what a bunch of fraudulent, cowardly hawks these guys really are. they are not fit to run a country. let's see if the White House's "gee, we didn't know" line works. that's all they have. hopefully it won't work. enough with the ignorance already. fools, the lot of them. this is scary.

(and you thought Bush's number were low ... wow. stunning.)

oh, btw, Bush refused to answer any of the 9/11 Commission's questions regarding the flights of the Saudi citizens out of the country after the attacks. nice. it's a closed door "visit", with no public record whatsoever!! what the fuck are they stonewalling about?? this is not about foot soldiers, it's obvious who's involved now. D rep. Lee Hamilton disclosed this little bit of info. didn't Georgie say he and Cheney answered all their questions? i'm confused now ... if we can't trust our Dear Leader, who can we trust? "bumbling leadership in times of crisis." mommy, have the terrorist won now? :( and it's nice to know the President wants to find out all that happened on that day, uh? once again -- hopefully this gets out to the general public.

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