May 23, 2004

quick post here. i wish i could have blogged this earlier but i was working tonight. so, before i go to bed...

the Cannes Film Festival released their winners tonight and the Palme d'or --surprise surprise-- went to Michael Moore and his Fahrenheit 9/11. holy fucking shit. wow. this film will just not go away. i'm actually really surprised by the nod. seriously. i thought it would maybe get a special mention or something (the film did get a lengthy ovation), but this is just...unexpected, to say the least. and joyous :)

oh, and the Flyers lost 2-1 to Tampa Bay, dammit. they came back after trailing by 2 but they just couldn't bring their game up above Tampa in the third. the Lightning (pssh-ah) now goes to the Finals against Calgary. Go Flames. (i would have loved a Philly-Flames matchup much more than this. so now my only hope is that Calgary beats the shit out of LeCavalier & Co. for some reason i still think the Tampa arena will still not be up to full capacity :)


(btw, The Office is the single-most hilarious show ever. pure hilarity, i say! i finally sat down and started watching the first series this week (after holding it off because there aren't too many episodes to enjoy) and i keep getting floored by it each and every time. the second series should be making its way onto my shelf anytime now.)

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