May 20, 2004

today's my day off. it could've come a bit faster but it still feels damn good to wake up to one. so yesterday i finally received Takashi Miike's elusive (to me) Audition disc. after all the time i've been waiting for it we thought it'd been lost in the mail. urgh. but, surprise surprise, it was waiting for me in the mailbox on my way to work. yay. this rules.

holy hell!! congratulations to the Calgary Flames on beating San Jose last night (3-1), thus going into the Stanley Cup Finals :D i'm so happy for them. (thanks to Frank Chromewaves for reminding me this morning.) now i need Philly to win tonight so they can secure a game seven against Tampa (and then win that one too, of course).

Manitoba tours Canada in july (noteworthy buzz for Quebec city's Festival d'Été).

the metacritic forums now work for everyone. this was a great idea (if people talk about more than just Britney or Lindsay, that is).

there's no fucking way in hell that, on paper, someone like Nellie McKay should be endorsed and loved by hipsters everywhere. there's no fucking way this should work. lol. damn the girl is cooky. but she never goes into loopy territory. there's an incredible sense of intelligence and knowing.
damn that "Dog Song" is fun :)

nice Stylus feature: The Producers: Stylus Magazine Non-Definitive Guide, Part One.

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