May 25, 2004

well, well, well. tonight's the night it all ends for Agent Jack Bauer. well, in tv terms, at least. the 24 season finale airs tonight on Fox. the roommate and i purposely avoided last week's episode so we can make it a two-hour finale of our own. and it shall be glorious.

this afternoon i spent a fair amount of time at the used record store trying to buy an album. but to no avail. the only i was remotely interested in was "This Is the Remix" by Destiny's Child (one Neptunes and one Timbaland remix, and some Jermaine Dupri sprinkled throughout), but it looked cheap. maybe next time.

then i went to the real record stores. oh man. did i find what i was looking for. and then some. i left a couple of albums on the shelves, telling myself i didn't really need them right now. i'll go back for them, don't worry :) for the first time, though, i actually bought a couple of indie albums from the record store. see, their selection is minimal and spotty at best (it took them 6 weeks to get their first copy of the new Mogwai last year; they just got their first taste of Four Tet this spring. i'm serious) and their prices on these indie discs are close to twice what the new big label's new releases cost. so i order online. but today they seemed to have a lot of them, and since i had money, i decided to pamper myself :) any comments on these albums are more than welcomed.

lil' flip - u gotta feel me
my morning jacket - it still moves
destroyer - your blues
mclusky - the difference between me and you is that i'm on fire
rjd2 - since we last spoke

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