May 20, 2004

whoa, nelly!
buried at the tail end of Dark Horizons' recap of the 2004-2005 Fox lineup is this little gem:
Like CBS is doing with "Alias", FOX has opted to start "24" in January with an uninterrupted weekly run.
i actually like the idea. heard about Alias earlier today and thought it sucked for the show's fans but i think it'll be great to have all 24 episodes run one after the other like that. plus, waiting until january will only leave us more room to breathe between seasons (and give newcomers time to catch all of season three on dvd before season four starts), and give the writers and producers a lot more time to think things through :) (and they gotta get rid of the exposition dialogue. i mean, we don't need to know what happened five minutes ago. please...!)

oh damn (and i'm not being sarcastic, this was a guilty pleasure of mine), "Paradise Hotel" has been cancelled. wtf?

i keep forgetting about this one but -- damn:
Sin City: "Robert Rodriguez has closed his cast on "Sin City" by adding Benicio Del Toro and Clive Owen to the Dimension Films ensemble pic. Rodriguez wrote the script and is co-directing the screen version of the graphic novel series with its creator Frank Miller.

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