June 01, 2004

2004 NHL Playoff Finals

Game 4
Tampa Bay wins 1-0 against Calgary. please remember to thank Khabibulin, won't ya? and i couldn't have been happier about the Nieminen hit on Lecavalier. that was a beauty. Lecavalier needs to get hit on a regular basis.

series tied 2-2, dammit.

well, news on Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller's "Sin City" never fails to put me in a great mood (do they have my list of favorite writers/directors/actors on their desks?) and today's new tidbits worked wonders:
Sin City: "Rosario Dawson has joined the ensemble of the Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller-directed Dimension Films noir drama "Sin City." Dawson will take part in the third and final segment. Rodriguez based the film on Miller's graphic novel series. The finale also stars Benicio Del Toro, Clive Owen and Brittany Murphy. Quentin Tarantino is considered likely to direct some of that episode..."
gooddammit :) the casting of Rosario was enough to make me happy, but then you add Quentin to the movie? fuck me.

Clerks: the 10th Anniversary will be a 3-disc set.

what's the date on the Matrix trilogy box set? i have no idea, but this puppy will be a 9-disc set!! both the first and second films get 3 discs each and the third one two discs, with an extra disc for bonus material. i still haven't even seen Revolutions and believe like all the rest of you out there that the series lost it's wheels after the first film (except for some really inspired action sequences), i'm definitely getting this set. wow.

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