June 23, 2004

Bad Santa (unrated) by Terry Zwigoff, 2003

the film's really funny for the first two acts, but sadly loses its bite and goal towards the end (i thought). but the film is worth renting for a lot of things: the superb performance of Billy Bob Thornton, the chemistry between him and Tony Cox, and the beautifully relentless writing (it missed being outta this world by this much). i even showed a couple of quick scenes to the roommate because she was on her lunch break and had to run out. well, not ten seconds into the first clip i showed her that she started laughing her ass off :) that's a great sign from someone who had no interest whatsoever in the flick. Bernie Mac is somehow made unfunny (the outtakes are fun, though). but John Ritter is really good with the few scenes he's given. really good, funny film. btw, i had no idea Joel and Ethan Coen had executive-produced this film. that's probably why Billy Bob got attached to this, from their collaboration on the superb The Man Who Wasn't There.

np: underworld, dirty epic/cowgirl

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