June 26, 2004

for those of you staying indoor this saturday afternoon, the 2004 NHL Entry Draft is going on; check it out on TSN or ESPN2. personally, i can't wait to see who Montreal pick and if they've made a couple of trades or not.

update, 7:18 pm:

i didn't watch the draft after the 20th pick of the first round. it was so long. the commentators were fun and helpful but i didn't know any of the players being drafted so i tuned out. but. i just heard that we, Montreal, got a few players in trades!! dayum. we gots:

Radek Bonk (Ottawa Senators via LA)
Cristobal Huet (LA)

Bonk is the surprise here. definitely one of the Sens' high-profile player. sadly, though, we got rid of Mathieu Garon (and a 77th draft pick) for these two players. i'm upset that he's leaving Montreal but i guess i'll get over it. can't september get here already???


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