June 06, 2004

funny as hell, and oh-so-appropriate picture of Bush over at Bartcop this morning (top of the page). here's a link to the comment-less pic for prosperity's sake (the comment really adds something, though).

so the day is overcast as i'm waking up this morning. i could go shopping a little today. there's this one used record store i was boycotting because they didn't take care of the cd's they were holding (they're always scratched; but they still played alright). maybe i could swing by. it's been a while and it used to have the most interesting cd's because folks don't think of going there for music (it's first floor is filled with instruments and electronics). i might drop by to see what they got. i could also watch one of the Criterion discs i got on rental. i know i'm gonna watch at least one tonight.

last night i couldn't get to sleep so i listened to the cd that was in my cd player, BRMC's "Take Them On, On Your Own". track 5 inspired me to start a list of songs for a potential mix i'd love to do i'd call "Down and Dirty mix". i don't want it to be depressing, just dirge-y, with some snake-y, dirty bass. i'd put some older PJ Harvey, Nine Inch Nails' "hurt" or "something i can never have", some Primal Scream, some Depeche Mode, the more experimental Butch Vig-era Sonic Youth, and Leonard Cohen's "waiting for a miracle". got any ideas on other songs i could put on there? thanks.

oh, for you canucks riding in cars -- i finally filled my gas tank up yesterday. thursday the price had gone down two cents to 95.4. it still cost me $44. my tank wasn't entriely empty, i still had just over an eighth of gas left.

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