June 27, 2004

good morning, all. here are my plans for today (changed slightly from last night) -- i'm going to montreal to see Fahrenheit 9/11 (i should post my comments later on tonight) but i'll swing by Ikea beforehand to get a few things. and what's changed, you say? well, i was going alone because the roommate didn't wanna have to drive to montreal again (she'll have gone 3 or 4 times by wednesday). i was pissed but that wasn't gonna make me change my mind. but. last night she asked if i was still going. i said yes. she told me to call before i left this morning (she's at her boyfriend's). well, she changed her mind :) i'm happy about that. have a good day. i'll be back later on this evening.

np: constantines, shine a light

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