June 29, 2004

good morning. everyone had a great night? i had to go back to the optometrist again this morning. 10:15. not bad but not great when my shift ends at midnight and i'm dead tired. i got an appointment with the wrong doctor yesterday. he did check me out but since the 'abrasion' in my left eye was still there he asked to get an appointment with my original doc because only he knew if the abrasion had healed a bit or not. so this morning i went and the good doctor had better news. although it hasn't healed 100%, he did ask me to not wear my contacts for another four weeks if i could. i have an appointment on august 2nd to see if it's all healed by then.

great day for music lovers today. lotsa good stuff came out this morning. but i'm on a tight budget until next week's pay so i held myself off to two buys:

lloyd banks - the hunger for more (limited edition with bonus dvd available)
brandy - afrodisiac (timbaland produced 60% of it, and at least one kanye production. nice)

two great articles from 1115.org:

the wonderful Joe Biden tells the President what he thinks of his staff. must be read to be believed.
oh, and yesterday Iraq became a "sovereign" nation. go read up for a concise list of all the things the US made sure to put in place well before the so-called Iraq interim constitution was drafted. sure to bring fuzzy warm feelings to everyone. apparently the President was right - the iraqis can govern themselves. apparently. he wouldn't lie, would he?

np: gorillaz, gorillaz

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