June 30, 2004

ha. the third day of my work week and i'm finally getting some nice sleep. since i only worked last night i don't have much to talk about this morning so here are two links definitely worth reading:

Cheney gets hella booed at the Yankees game monday night

we heard about this a while back as an option but here's more talk from a Bush appointee about the possibility of the november elections getting canceled or rescheduled if terrorists strike the US again

sheesh, that didn't take long; here's a bit of heart-warming news: US prosecutors refuse to uphold an Iraqi judge's order acquitting an Iraqi citizen of attempted murder of coalition troops. let freedom reign, indeed. US prosecutors said they that under the Geneva Conventions they were not bound by Iraqi Law. what is it good for, then?

today is the last day for NHL teams to sign up their soon-to-be Free Agent players. july 1st is the date. there's a lot of talk of Montreal making another offer to Kovalev, and there's also talk about them offering Palffy something as the Kings can't seem to be able to sign him. we'll see. Gainey is not done, that's for sure :)

definitely unintentionally hilarious, sitcom-worthy pic of Britney (with mom?). the past 6 months have not been good for our young BritBrit.

np: brandy, afrodisiac

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