June 27, 2004

hello. i'm back from my short trip to montreal. yes i did see Fahrenheit 9/11. my experience was weird, though. i thought the film, although sometimes exceedingly well done, was kinda boring. my expectations for a Bush expose were probably a bit high, even after the huge backlash over this "controversial" film. but as i was watching the film i realized why i had problems getting into some of it -- i already knew most of the "explosive" facts about this administration. so even though i'm extremely anti-Bush, i'm actually not the audience for this film. weird, uh? i would really love to hear comments from people who didn't know all the stuff about Bush, the Saudis, and the Iraq invasion. although, the film does bring all of the info into an (almost) concise two hours, which put together makes for a better tool to get Bush out of office than any of us raving about him for the past three years. i have a few more thoughts on the film. i won't go into details out here about it. if you wanna know my thoughts or wanna talk about the film, please help yourself in the comments. i'll gladly take you up on it. is it a good film? hmm. i would have loved to have gone in with almost no knowledge of this man or the administration's sinister plots. it woulda blown my mind. but what i did see was a really good film that lost it's thread a bit after an hour and then came back nicely to tie it all in (some of the film is extremely well done). btw, this is not propaganda. the controversy is so overblown, it's ridiculous. go see it and judge for yourselves. especially if you're an american.

but before i got to Fahrenheit 9/11, we went to Ikea :) nice. we were on a tight schedule (i wanted us to get to the theater half an hour before the film was to start. the roommate thought i was delusional that the film would be sold out at 2:30 pm on a beautiful sunday afternoon. we arrived at 2:10 and the line was going into the mall :) and we got there in time too 'cause 5 minutes later and we would've had to settle for aisle seats. people were asking around trying to find seats for two, for god's sake :) if the film wasn't sold out, it was damn close). we somehow forgot about my shelves and the roommate reminded me i wanted to leave for the film in 5 minutes so we didn't go back (thank god i listened to her, though :) but i did get was this beautiful and cheap chest of drawers (whch, btw, is cooler and so not pink in real life :) i'd spotted in the catalogue last fall, i believe. but i hadn't had a chance to go to Ikea since. i also snatched up a small wall lamp to read in bed. i just put that up. i just put aside the rest of my evening to put together the chest of drawers :) and after going back and forth over where to put in my bedroom i finally found the most perfect way to organize my furniture!! only two pieces to move so it's not too bad. i really love this new idea :)

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