June 22, 2004

it looks like we're gonna get a bunch of rainy, or at least very cloudy, couple of days around here. the roommate is leaving me alone for the next few days (in fact, i'll only see her tomorrow for a few minutes before she leaves and then i'm not expecting her before sunday :) but i don't have any rented dvd's anymore. i watched them all last weekend (how in the fuck did i go through four movies and a Chappelle disc? i was surprised i could). so i'm thinking that if i don't get the two that are on their way today i'll do something i haven't done in weeks. seriously. i haven't been in a video store for at least five-six weeks. lol. and i know there were a lot of new releases coming out that looked interesting. got any suggestions? thanks.

today i should go drop some additional info the roommate forgot to put in for her passport. then i'll drop by a used record store or two, and finish things off with a short trip to my mom's house (she's giving me my brother's Brita (yay - i got two now! :), some dry vegetarian food he left her before moving out west, and a vegetarian recipe book of his.

oh, so last night i actually went to bed at the same time as the roommate and her boyfriend, around 11 (ha! being on vacation rocks :) i like being able to go to bed early when i can. i can rest up and sleep better when i do). but i put on an album, as i always do when going to sleep, on my discman. the disc of choice? Prodigy's The Fat of the Land because the new one is dropping later this summer and i'm actually psyched about it (it's been seven fuckin' years!!) and it'd been a while since i last listened to this one. and boy. that album can kick you and your brothers' asses! man! it was relentless. and Liam Howlett produced this thing. i never realized that. he's good. that's one motherfucker of an album.

Badly Drawn Boy's new disc, One Plus One Is One, actually streets today in canada. who knew? i thought we had the same street date as the US (july 27th) but apparently someone thought better of it. thank you, mr or ms. americans can order the UK import.

i'm thinking of waiting till i get my pay thursday to get the Masta Killa cd. sounds interesting. (cd+dvd edition available for those interested.)

the Wilco is also out. drop those mp3's and go get yourself a copy.

update, 12:18 pm:

nothing new but it's the first official word that's gotten me really excited about the next season. it should be good. thanks to dark horizons for this (there are no spoilers, only mentions of regulars becoming non-regulars - stuff we've all heard but i'm keeping it hidden in case someone is really trying hard to stay away from 24 news):

Elisha on Next Year's "24":

First up she confirmed the reports that Kiefer Sutherland will be the only regular character next year are true, with her part reduced to 'recurring' status - "I'm coming back as also recurring. I think the only regular on the show for the fourth season will be Kiefer. They haven't given me any episodes so far, I have the choice to either do the ones that they write me in or not, depending upon my schedule".

She also revealed that "I think they have a really great idea coming up for the fourth year, sadly I probably won't be as involved as much as I have been in the past three years, but it has been a great run for me and I'm content with that because I think they have some different plans . I hear they're bringing on some really great actors also, so while you're losing a couple of your regulars - you'll get be getting some pretty great new ones".

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