June 16, 2004

Method & Red: wow. actually, this show wasn't half bad. i actually really liked it. laughed my ass off real hard at least three times. but there is one thing -- Fox, please get rid of the fuckin' laugh track already! p-lease. it adds nothing. in fact, it makes it look like the jokes aren't funny and you need the canned laughs to get through the show; which, i just found out, is really not the case. the show is funny. as long as they don't make the white folk/black folk thing the main point of the series, this show will be ready to go. Method Man and Redman are just naturals. it's amazing. and they have a great chemistry together. i was floored. so yeah, get rid of the laugh track asap and continue with the good writing (great Paris Hilton joke :) it's like a saturday morning cartoon with Meth and Red. only not as corny as that sounds. the fit is definitely perfect.

update: yay! at least i'm not alone in this fight against the Meth & Red laugh track - Sonia Mansfield of the san francisco examiner says the pilot was sent out to critics with the track on but hopes it will disappear as soon as episode #2 rolls out. hopefully it was a mistake and they'll see that they don't need it (seriously, it annoys the viewer and hinders the show more than anything).


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