June 28, 2004

my two weeks off are over, folks. back to the old grind stone. but it's not too bad. later on today when i get into work, i'll see if the boss' two weeks off (for mysterious reasons no one is sure about) were extended. hopefully yes. also, i'll be given a new working partnet as the one who i'm going to spend the summer with got some kind of infection and is out until mid-july (but they're still making him come into work; he's actually gonna replace the boss if she's not in :) that'll be cool).

Canada: go have a say in the future of your country. and please don't elect a conservative government. btw, i just realized that by tonight, we'll know if we have a non-liberal government or not. hopefully not.

the Habs also sent Stéphane Quintal to the LA Kings. good riddance. sort of. he was okay and a nice person but he always made me feel as if he wasn't really a hockey player. he's just big and plays okay. (ha. Cristobal Huet, who we got from the Kings saturday, and i knew nothing about, is actually from France :) ha. that's nice. can't wait to see him in interviews. it'll be cool to hear the french accent on a hockey player :)

also, we're gonna know within the next three days whether Alex Kovalev remain an Hab. he becomes a free agent on july 1st. Gainey will make him another offer (he tossed him one last week but Kovi refused). i do believe that first offer was just for show. there's no way Gainey is gonna let Kovalev go and there's no way Alex is asking for $10 million a year, so. here's to hopefully very exciting news before wednesday :D

np: constantines, shine a light

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