June 23, 2004

oh god. so sunday, i think, me and the roommate are taking a walk around the neighborhood and find 'missing cat' notes taped to a few mailboxes. there's this small cat that i've seen the children kinda dopting over the past week but i don't think that's him. well, there he is, playing with the kids right now, and damn if that cat doesn't fit the description. he's grey and has a white spot on his belly. now, there's a lot of cats like that. he only needs to have that chipped ear. but i'll need to go check him out. which i will do this afternoon because i can't, in my right mind, let that family not have their cat and think it's gone forever. it's been about a week. what if they have kids? but, the two kids out front kinda have adopted him. as far as i can tell they don't bring him in the apartment, though, which is a good thing. but the little girl's playing with him and following it around with a ball, trying to get its attention. they've even brought a bowl out. the ties are starting to grow. i'll go pick up my mail soon so i'll stop by and tell her a family's lost their cat and this one looks like it could be it, etc. urgh. damn. i hate this. best case scenario: it's the cat, the girl misses it, bugs her parents about it and they get her one :) she'll get over it (right? that's what i have to keep telling myself).

update, 1:51 pm:

so i went out and wrote down the phone number for the missing cat. the note said the cat was 'dark' grey. the one i'd seen was light grey. in any case, the chipped ear would give me a definite answer on the cat's identity. when i came back the little girl and boy were not on the steps outside their apartment building. the cat was alone. i went towards him and as soon as he saw he got up and came down the steps to meet me. lol :) my cat's not as social as this one! fuck. lol. anyway. so, no, the cat's ears were both fine. this wasn't it. but when i went on my short walk i did see a cat with long, dark grey hair go in some bushes. so i called the number and told the lady this. she said her cat's fur was short and almost hung up on me as soon as i was finished. she didn't even seem grateful. let her find her damn cat. i'm done.

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