June 01, 2004

okay. since watty's answers were so much fun, i'll play along -- Tuesday Twosome:

The first two things you do...

1. When you wake up:
turn on the computer so it can be ready after i;
put on my contact lenses. used to. i'm off of them for a couple of weeks, thanks to the good ole eye doctor (new glasses coming in next week! i'm not a glass-wearer so this'll be fun since they apparently look good on me).

2. When you get out of the shower:
towel dry;
put on deodorant, do hair

3. When you get to work/school:
get there a bit early so i can have a bit of a buffer zone between the time i arrive and the time i have to do actual work;
talk to friends and coworkers

4. When you get into the car:
turn the key;
put on music. radio is a necessary evil only when i don't know which cd i feel like listening to

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