June 02, 2004

the only date that matters:

Fahrenheit 9/11 :: June 25th
any questions?

is anyone else blown away by this fuckin' news??
this so makes my week.

Melissa Auf Der Maur:
"In the past 10 years, I've been going home to Los Angeles or New York after the big tours," said Auf der Maur, who divides her time between here and New York City. "This was the first time I went home to Montreal, and it was so exciting. There's a love that I have for that city - and within the first 24 hours, I had had my favourite meal at my favourite Vietnamese restaurant, and then a poutine within the next 12 hours."
this makes me happier than i have a right to :) it's the poutine part.

oh, some other good news:
Auf der Maur is clearly focused on
her new album and tour, with some Montreal club dates being planned for the summer.
very cool because the only date she had in montreal (the article says a few warm-up dates but i never heard of them) was opening for The Offspring two weeks ago. pretty lame for the hometown girl. we owe her much better than that.

She's also gotten support from her mom, her rocker boyfriend, Andrew W.K,
what. ...what?? fuck me. sorry if that was old news but i never heard that one. wow. i am floored. i'm impressed. although i'd much rather have her to myself, she's one of the only women who's boyfriend choices i haven't been able to dump on. not a single one. wow.

this week i was starting my full-time schedule at work, monday-friday. we're replacing these two guys that have left for the next 3-4 months. i took the job because the other guy doing it is a work friend. and it's the only job where we get to work with someone. it'll be fun. our boss wasn't there monday. that was a nice surprise. and we knew she wasn't coming in tuesday because they'd be busy making schedules during the day. but the best news came last night when we learned that she wouldn't be there ::all week::!! no one knows why, even the guys who are replacing her. they just know it's at least this week. we think she got stressed out (again) and had to take some time off work. very cool for all of us :)

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