June 10, 2004

spent a lot of time in stores this morning. i'm in serious need of new clothes. i got me some nice Columbia pants and a t-shirt. that'll do for today. then i got the roommate's gifts for her birthday. went grocery shopping and finished things off with a couple of gifts for myself:

pj harvey - uh huh her
felix da housecat - devin dazzle & the neon fever
!!! - louden up now

i got the only copy of Louden Up Now available in the city; it was showing up as in stock in their computer but it took two of friends of mine who work there and five minutes to locate it).

ps. anyone catch Regis & Kelly this morning??? when i tuned in Lindsay Lohan was on. the two minutes i saw were horrific beyond belief. it was a strange kind of Bizarro World version of the show. i tuned in just in time to see Kelly Ripa, whom i usually like, ask Lindsay about the bad press she's getting. she was hinting at something there. she said something like, "you know i've gotta ask you this". it was a very strange moment. i knew. i was beyond embarrassed for Lindsay, and the show. Kelly asked her (it was so unbearably awful at this point that i was tuning in and out) ... if her boobs were fake ... take a moment to let that sink in. she didn't just blurt it out so they could move on. no. she was strangely getting a kick out of all of this and wanted a real answer. it was fucking awful. Lindsay couldn't say anything other than blush, early morning disbelief, and give an answer along the lines of "i'm not fully developed yet". maybe that's true, maybe it ain't. i don't know. i haven't been there. but that was one cringe-inducing four minutes of morning television. i'm sure whatevs shit his pants right then and there.

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