June 25, 2004

stuff was bought - and then some. please keep in mind, though, that all of the following were purchased at used record stores. i found two albums at the first store and thought that would be good enough. i hadn't been there for weeks so i was expecting a bit more but their stock doesn't seem to be changing like it used to. oh well. still got two good albums. next up, the almost-creepy store where you expect all the stuff you find to be stolen goods. but. it's the store where you can make the most awesome discoveries since not many people go in there for the cd's (mainly electronics, bikes, guitars, etc). so there are many hidden gems amongst the shabby look of the place. and finds were made :) check out the last five albums, especially the indie ones. this is the place i found two early Arab Strap cd's last year and an Elliott Smith on the same day. they'd also received a bunch of really early Yo la Tengo cd's i'd never heard of. my thought: some indie kid in the city had been in serious need of cash that week. too bad for him/her. i'm picking it all up :)

slum village - trinity (past, present and future)
garth brooks - ropin' the wind (the limited series)
mystikal - tarantula (neptunes! rockwilder and scott storch too. not too bad)
blur - song 2 (japanese 8-track cd :) there since last fall. finally picked it up)
low - secret name
luna - pup tent
songs: ohia - the lioness
wilco - a.m.
yo la tengo - genius + love = yo la tengo (2cd)

as i was waiting (for like ten minutes) for the guy to finish off with the two guys who were looking into buying a bike, i glanced over at the small dvd rack by the cash register. it's always stuff like Resident Evil or Titanic. but then i noticed the top of one case for a split second ... it said Criterion Collection :D it was Henri-Georges Clouzot's Diabolique ... $14.99 canadian. lmfao! of course i got it!! :) i never thought i'd run across Criterion discs in used bins. and because these guys don't the value of the Criterion Collection, of course priced it like any discarded Mary-Kate and Ashley flick :) hurrah for me!

needless to say, i didn't stop by the video store to rent something for tonight. lol. not that i'm gonna watch Diabolique, but after buying all those cd's i was kind of burnt out of spending :)

np: spoon, girls can tell

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