June 13, 2004

sunday morning funnies.

well, the sexy girl squad just left. see, the roommate was celebrating her birthday yesterday and had a bunch of friends drive down here. they were going out to eat and then off to a club or two. they do this every year. i know these girls because i meet them for an hour or two every year when they come down. but i don't feel easily comfortable with new people. i never know what to say, etc. so i stepped out yesterday so i wouldn't have to answer questions about why i wasn't coming with them -- hmm. and one of these friends is incredibly beautiful and last year, as they were leaving and i'd just disclosed i wasn't going out with them, looked me straight in the eye as she passed me and asked me to come. wow. lol. i was starstruck right then and there. (she does have a boyfriend, though :) so this morning i heard them coming in at 4:30 am. i woke up around 10 am to the sounds of girlish laughter in the living room and decided to go join them before they left. a bunch of nice girls, that's for sure. (they even put on my brand new New Year disc :)

so that's it. the apartment had that sweet girl smell :) there's nothing better than that.

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