June 12, 2004

Super Size Me by Morgan Spurlock, 2004

the man is a genius. okay, so we all know by now what this film is about. and you'd think, like i did, that, haha, pretty cool idea, now what's for dinner? but wait. the idea is not the only thing smart about this film. no. you gotta see it to experience the real deal. like, we all know junk food is bad for us, right? of course. but we still eat it, right? well, same logic applies to this film - we know what it's about and what the guy goes through, but we don't really know until we see and understand it for ourselves. do yourself a favor and go see this film. Spurlock is one of the funniest, most down-to-earth on-camera guy i've seen. he's not necessarily out to get McDonald's and co, he goes into the experiment wide open, even when the odds are seriously stacked against him (and his liver). it's the coolest film i've seen this year. unpretentious and eye-opening. put me off junk food for a quite while ...

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