June 20, 2004

"there were connections between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein." yeah. an al-Qaeda agent was treated in a Baghdad hospital and Bin-Laden tried to communicate with Hussein, which Hussein flat-out refused. you invaded a country for that?? got any terrorists in the U.S.? you better make sure 'cause someone could bomb the fuck out of your country for that, you know. meanwhile, back in the 80s, your dad, Bush I, sent Secretary Rumsfeld to Iraq to talk with Hussein on how to better gas the Kurds. i'd say that was a definite link, wouldn't you? chill the fuck out, asshole.

i went out jogging this morning. it'd been a while and since i've been on this health kick for the past week, taking up running again had been on my mind. it felt good. although, i did get exhausted faster than this spring when i was getting out to run three times a week. but it felt good. hopefully i can manage some sort of regular running schedule these coming weeks. the first few weeks are always the hardest; after that it becomes second nature.

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