June 05, 2004

tonight. the Calgary Flames have a chance to nab that coveted Stanley Cup (it will be waiting in the building) and become the 2004 NHL Champions. at home. and right in front of their new nationwide audience. nothing could be more perfect than this. go Flames go. i'll be glued to my set from the puck drop right down to the end. tonight at 8 eastern on ABC, CBC, RDS.

today was a weird day. sunny but not as hellishly hot as i'd feared it would be. i actually went out rollerblading with the roommate alongside the river here in the city. it was nice and cool. then i got back home, watched some tv and i just woke up from an hour-long doze i couldn't get away from :)

this morning i finally sat down and watched The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum by Volker Schlöndorff and Margarethe von Trotta. i wasn't sure i could get into a serious film anytime soon but to my surprise, it wasn't as heavy as i'd imagined it to be. and Angela Winkler, who plays Katharina (and who later on teamed up with Schlöndorff on Tin Drum), just blew me away. she's got an innocence and a strength that just cuts through the film at times. and the ending. wow. those who've seen this film know. although very small and subtle, i got my mind blown. excellent film (with a very twisted score too) and a great Criterion package (solid transfer showing off Joss Vacano's dark cinematography and a couple of half hour interviews and a short documentary).

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