June 12, 2004

two weeks off. starting last night at midnight. how 'bout that? it fucking rocks, if you ask me. although, if you were to ask me this morning i'd probably only nod a yes and leave it at that. i went to bed über-late last night (for me anyways). around 3 am. i'm usually groggy the next day if i go to bed later than 2 am. i woke up at 8 this morning but was surprisingly able to go back to sleepyland until 11 when the roommate called me up from her boyfriend's. 8-hour sleep. not bad.

i'm really digging Melissa's Auf Der Maur album. really digging it. and i don't know what the critics' problem is with her voice; it's the thing i'm falling in love with!

dug out Sonic Youth's Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star this morning 'cause i wanna see if i could stomach purchasing Sonic Nurse (any thoughts?). i played this one out years ago, along with Dirty (the Butch Vig years). it's fun to go back to it. lotsa mixtape memories. i can still sing along to it perfectly. i need to get me that Deluxe Edition of Dirty. shit. i hope they still got a copy at the store.

lots of really cool dvd's making their way here, rental-style. these two weeks are gonna be well-spent :) oh yeah, i'll have to get some sun too.

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