June 16, 2004

well, i finally gave in. i upped my credit card limit and ordered the Magnetic Fields' epic 3-disc 69 Love Songs (thanks to the folks who told me to get this). it's kinda insane, though, really. but i was able to drive the price down with coupons and free shipping - $50.60. not bad. i wanted it before my two weeks off were over so i could a) bask in the sun while listening to it, and b) be free and have no worries while listening to it (trust me. it works in my head). it seems appropriate for that release (such a monumental work; and about love, to boot. i'm seriously happy getting this. it's just how i had to go about freeing up some money that i'm not too thrilled about). in my mind, i'm keeping the same credit card limit, though. this was a one-off (right. no one ever says that) and it's the first thing i'm paying off when i get my pay next thursday. god. this was eating me up. still is, but i gave myself parameters so i do feel a bit better about it. i'll feel definitely better once i've paid it off, though. do i sound like an alcoholic? lol. see you all later. i'm gonna go make myself a nice dinner and sit down to watch Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Cure. nice...

ps. if you have had some kind of experience with 69 Love Songs and have liked it, could you please let me know so as to alleviate some of my fears? :) thanks.


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