June 22, 2004

well, i was expecting it yesterday afternoon. but the day passed and nothing. today was the day, though! the 69 Love Songs box set arrived! it looks good too. i don't like the lyrics being crappily written all over the booklets but hey, the rest of the set is nice enough. now. i should start listening to it. lol. what a job that will be. if i like it i'll go get Merritt's i album.

well, i did it. after not having rented any movie from the video store for the past two months (online rental has quickly become my bestest friend) and only watching Criterion discs day and day out for the past ten days, i decided it was time to give my brain some well-deserved rest. i went to the video store and rented Bad Santa (unrated) (i ain't writing down that 'badder santa' crap. lol) and John Woo's Paycheck. i've wanted to see Bad Santa (although it kinda got lost on the buzz radar rather quickly). as for the second film (the deal is two movies for two days for $7), i had a couple of options (although not nearly as many as i was expecting there to be) but decided on the John Woo action film. even though it may not look too awesome and spectacular, a John Woo film is ten times better than any other type of action film. bring out the popcorn!

no cd's werre purchased, used or new (i want that new Masta Killa album; and maybe the latest Jadakiss too?). i'm holding off on it until friday or this weekend. btw, i started listening to the latest Ghostface album this afternoon. first time listen and it was in the car, but, it made a surprisingly good first impression. more old school 70's r&b than i was expecting. good bunch of songs. i liked the style too. kind of lounge-y hip hop. "run" is definitely a standout. just found out RZA did that :) nice.

np: kid koala, kill your darlings

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