June 16, 2004

wow. i started looking up my online canadian music stores to see if they had the Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs box set. after being surprised to see the set at a couple of stores for $57 (not bad) i found it at amazon.ca for $45 !! i got a bunch of albums i wanna get but i'm close to broke right now. the credit card limit might get an update for this. pay's next week. i'll see what i can do. can i really wait a week for this set?... :) maybe, maybe not.

anyone seen a movie that blew their mind recently? recommend.

i might do a mix cd today. i've been wanting to do one for a while now but lately i've been listening to new albums i hadn't had time to get to (got lots of those lying around, waiting). but it's sunny out. it'll be a toss-up.

tv: the summer season gets it's first real (although admittedly very weak) shot in the arm tonight with Fox premiering The Simple Life 2 (ugh) (8 pm and then a second episode at 9 pm) and the abysmal-looking Method and Red. although, i will be tuning in to the latter if only because, according to Chris Ryall, the pilot's not as bad as it looks, and the show could actually end up being really good. i'm gonna tune in to see Meth and Redman's chemistry. that should be good. and then i'll turn away when a joke's made about black people being poor and rich white folks being too uptight for their own good. please let it be about more than that. (please.) (oops. Fox managed to cram in a new Andy Richter sitcom, Quintuplets, between the two Simple Life episodes tonight. 8:30 pm. catch it before it gets yanked off the air in two weeks (deservedly? it looks bad. bring back Andy Richter Controls the Universe instead, Fox).)

np: big boi, speakerboxxx

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