August 01, 2004

actually dragged my ass out to get some Tide, Mr. Clean for the bathroom, exchange the t-shirt i got yesterday and got myself two cd's:

the killers - hot fuss
unity - the official athens 2004 olympic games album

mishie: finally :P Future Shop didn't have the Unity album (more on that later). i didn't wanna leave eampty-handed (that's just not my style :) both The Killers and Hip albums were looking mighty fine at $12.99. i went for the Killers (for now). Unity album: they told me they had to send them all back because of mispressings. my hopes were dashed. went to HMV, they had one copy at $20.99. i listened to the first track and all seemed fine. i immediately got it.

update, 5:11 pm: the Garbage Fan Site reports that january 2005 is a more likely date for the new Garbage album to drop. with the gang expected back in the studio (Smart or L.A.?) this month i'm assuming this date is close to being solid. i don't care if i have to wait a bit longer. this one is looking promising enough (new Garbage songs and outside production - this from John King. i can't lose).

np: unity - athens 2004

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