August 13, 2004

as the weeks go by, we're getting HOH's with better tastes in music (after some Maroon 5 and Evanescence). last we had Nakomis with The Flaming Lips and now ... Adria's HOH CD is Ludacris. very cool :) (update: now there's talk maybe she got an Usher cd. or maybe she got two 'cause the recappers certainly heard Ludacris the first time). i just watched last night's episode and i must say that i was a) letdown by the houseguests' backing down from their planned Jase-bashing as he was gonna get out the door, but b) Big Brother came in and stole the show by bringing back Holly and giving us a Jase-cringing orgasm!! wow. that dude looked relaxed... lol :P props to BB for that. it took some balls.

it's still raining down hard today. urgh. i like the rain but i'm umbrella-less at the moment and it makes running from the car to the hospital rather blah. i only got a raincoat and that's clearly not enough this week.

my god. was anybody else watching the opening ceremony for the Athens Olympics?? it was magnificient!

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