August 21, 2004

hello. a bit of late posting tonight. and i haven't written much this week (anybody still reading this? :) i just wanted to write tonight because i'm feeling a bit sad. there's this girl at work. we spent the last two months working the same monday through friday evenings. that's nice. she's nice and funny. she's been working there for a few years. things are fine. this week she started getting on my nerves for some reason. dunno why but she did. anyway. i was attracted to her 'cause she's beautiful but i always left it at that because i never thought there was much of a future there. and there isn't. don't worry, this ain't a shoulda-woulda-coulda story. but we got on great. especially this past year. without being part of her inner circle, we'd actually grown kinda close these past few months. working every day with someone you get along with 80% of the time, and can laugh at anything with, does that to people. and sometimes, while waiting to get out of work, she'd come sit beside me and we'd talk more openly (mostly due to the exhaustion and proximity of sleep) and we'd get a glimpse of the real person. it was nice. it happened a few times this month. but the story has a twist. school starts next week for her so she's leaving her mon-fri post. but i knew that. and i was fine with it. but what i didn't know and that i learned tonight, 10 minutes before we left for the weekend, was that, starting monday, she's only gonna be available to work on weekends. that's usually fine. but i'm working the damn mon-fri schedule for the next two months!!! lol :P damn. she won't be working weekdays and i ain't working weekends for a while. that fuckin sucks. so if we're gonna be seeing each other it's gonna have to be at some parties outside of work - and those aren't happening much with us; we all want to (apparently) but it ain't happening right now. so that's it. i'm just a bit sad tonight, coming home from work. she was my pretend girlfriend, i guess, unbeknownst to me. i guess i'll miss her a bit, is what i'm trying to say. thank you and have a good night :)

BB5. i was in a lose-lose situation with yesterday's eviction episode because i've loved Will since the beginning but i'd also fallen hard for Marvin's no-nonsense approach for the past month (i swear someone's gotta be feeding him lines; the man is one funny mofo). Nik getting HOH was just pure heaven. CBS didn't treat us to much of anything post-competition to see if Nik still had the fire in her (i wasn't doubting it but she didn't gloat about her win to the twins either). well, i was just gonna read up on what the days are like with the new HOH and i stumbled upon the nominations (forgot they'd already done those in the real world). and damn am i proud :D our girl's still got it.

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