August 06, 2004

here's a quick, late post. just checking in to let you know about a friend of mine who's starting a new blog :: Dissolve into Molecules :: go check it out and say hi. i'm gonna go take a shower and watch tonight's big episode of Big Brother 5. have fun and enjoy yourselves.

update, 10:26 am:
i don't know if this has been mentioned much but Bill Clinton will be on The Daily Show monday.

i watched BB5 last night and ... hell yeah!! :P such happinnes. i was yelling out left and right when Scott was finally evicted (and he was actually stunned and looked so shocked. the dude looked like a hurt kid that doesn't know what just happened. good), i screamed from joy when Natalie entered the house and Jase looked just defeated on the couch, and Nakomis getting HOH was just a blessing. ha! this show was a stunner. did ya see the wheels in Jase's head when he saw Nat enter the house?? lol. the fucker knows how to count. his alliance is done and ass is out the door next week :) (Nakomis was even the one last week who talked about a way to nominate people so that the one you want out doesn't get the veto and actually gets booted out.) i guess you shouldn't brag in anyone's face about being back and wanting revenge before the next HOH ceremony is done, uh? lol. fucker. this is just too cool. and the girl alliance took very nicely to the big twist :) i'm glad about that. i was expecting Adria and Natalie to have to go talk to them to let them know that's why they'd been acting weird lately and that they really wanted to be with the girls but there was just no need for that. very cool. fucking revenge indeed ... :P

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