August 03, 2004

i was flipping through the channels this morning and stopped on "The View". there was this bearded guy who seemed to be an actor but he'd also been homeless. his story was truly fascinating. then they flashed his name on the screen "Tom Jane" -- fuck! it's Thomas Jane!! i'm fuckin' ever gonna be in love with him because of his Boogie Nights performance (even in Renny Harlin's Deep Blue Sea). the man is a frickin' chameleon. he was there talking about his new film The Stander, which takes place in Johannesburg (another fascinating story was told about that experience). then someone blurted out that he'd had to work out for his role in ... The Punisher. fuck. me. Frank Castle. that's who it was! i think it was just last week that some coworkers mentioned that film and i was wondering if it still watchable (i dabbled in a bit of Punisher reading a while back). but i couldn't figure out who the actor was. i could only think about Hugh Jackman but that wasn't him. with this new fact revealed i may have to give the film a spin after all. not for the film, i know it's supposedly bad (although this review from the Washington Post is giving me some hope they got some of it right - "Unlike some of its recent ilk – "Spider-Man," for example – The Punisher is, no disrespect, a thoroughly morose and bilious affair. That is precisely what I like best about it."), but i wanna see my man Thomas here playing Frank Castle. damn. is the film already out on dvd?? fuck, it was released in theaters april 16th! lol. damn. they're making the jump to video shorter and shorter. aw fuck. september 7th is the date for the dvd :(

i see that Laurent Cantet's Human Resources is coming out on dvd today, for some reason. add it to your rental lists. i haven't seen the film yet but i'd say this is a no-brainer. i fuckin' loved his Time Out and couldn't find this one. now it's finally out.

fuck me: The Beta Band calls it quits ...

np: broken social scene - you forgot it in people

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