August 29, 2004

just watched 1973's Lady Snowblood, believed to be the tentpole film for Quentin's Kill Bill. not a bad film. Tarantino even used the theme song for his epic. the violence caught me off guard a bit. there are not shy about gushing limbs. the story is even cooler than Kill Bill; Quentin somehow twisted it and i can now see that the (obvious 10 months ago why the hell are they talking about it now) buzz about a possible KB3 15 years from now was not just a whim on Quentin's part. it's definitely part of the original story. very cool, indeed.

you gotta read this cleansing primer on the Republican National Convention by Jason of before the whole shabang starts up monday. very calming.

this was happening tonight. i would give it some serious thought if i were living in Montreal. i know it's not the first time this type of game has been played but it's the first time i've heard about it happening in Montreal. it sounds cooler now that it's happening in places i know and love.

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