August 14, 2004

oh, man. i'm über-bored today. should've gone out and run some errands but i feel tired. how interesting, uh? yep. i smell pizza. i might order that for tonight.

why does Missy's Da Real World turn me off so much? seriously. i consider her and Timmy the Queen and King of hip hop but i can't, for the life of me, listen to that album and not get immediately bored by it. it doesn't have any personality. i guess the overall dreadful feeling it gives off must have been hanging over their lives at the time so that could explain the non-interest it generates. the first cool musical lick, for me, comes from track 11 ("smooth chick"). this album is so off (although it does get huge props for adding MC Solaar to the mix).

stuff i'm discovering because i'm bored (all courtesy of davisdvd): the 24: The Complete Third Season cover, a cool Star Wars Home Video Timeline, and special editions of Monster and Hellboy (which sports one of the coolest covers i've ever laid eyes on).

np: missy misdemeanor elliott - da real world

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