August 31, 2004

sad news: 24: The Complete Third Season is getting released december 7th; i thought we'd get a september release like the other ones, but i guess i forgot to notice that it's now september and no date had even been mentioned yet. how the fuck are you supposed to get new folks excited about the new season if you only give them a month to watch 24 episodes?? we can handle it, of course, but normal people don't make time for that kind of schedule. i wanted my friend, who's watched season one in french last spring, to be able to watch season two this summer (which, admittedly, she hasn't done yet, so i guess i was fucked anyway) and catch season three this fall before the next season starts up. aw, well. i'll still buy the set and get hyper-actively happy before the new season rolls by. it should be a great one... :)

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