August 07, 2004

that was just the sweetest Big Brother episode this season. i knew who'd been put up but Nik's nomination speech was truly perfect, complete with calling out Diane on her alliance with Drew. ha. genius. hopefully Jase fell for it a bit because i know at some point (between HOH and the nomination ceremony) Jase thought about the possibility of them keeping Jase to replace the vetoed house guest. i know he figured it out before the ceremony but i hope Nik's speech fooled him (he sure did look like he thought was safer in his diary room interview afterwards). keeping my fingers crossed that everyone keeps on a straight face, plays it like there's several alliances within the big Girl Power (which there are but they all know that there's no point in fighting it out right now; feel the love), and that no one listens to Jase this week.

update, 9:59 am: not only was Jase on "Will & Grace" (the irony is so lost on that boy), but last night he told Cowboy, Will, and Marvin that he was one of the stripper cops on "Arrested Development"!! i totally remember that episode. i wish Fox would re-air it sometime soon so i can spot my favorite receding hair-line jock (dude, bringing down your hair on both corners of your forehead ain't fooling anyone).

very cool favorite summer albums lists from a bunch of cool indie rock musicians you might like. [ chromewaves; travelers diagram ]

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