August 01, 2004

very late posting. i enjoyed tonight's episode of Big Brother. more good things are coming (the atmosphere in that house has turned 180 degrees now that the "girls" have HOH. go read the recaps if you're into the show. they're definitely worth it. i just hooked two of my friends in the last week :) i also watched The Blind Swordsman: The Tale of Zatoichi, which i enjoyed (but i must stop eating at the start of a film!! argh. i keep dozing off after an hour). did they know they would be doing a whole bunch of films on this character? it felt like they took their sweet time introducing him to the audience. i didn't mind it one bit, i actually dug the slow pace of the film. the only action sequences (the two of 'em) were stunning with their violent energy. they freaked me a bit; this is a 1962 film, for christ's sake. they had the same shocking energy that Kurosawa put in that Throne of Blood scene i won't mention (my favorite filmed sequence -- ever).

what prompted me to post before going to bed was this -- four new discs coming our way from the good people at Criterion (i believe these are all october releases):

we get two Robert Altman's, with Secret Honor (1984), in which "a disgraced President Richard Nixon arms himself with a bottle of Scotch and a gun to record memoirs that no one will hear", starring Philip Baker Hall, and Tanner '88, in which "filmmaker Robert Altman and Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Garry Trudeau created this mock-documentary television miniseries, which brought a fictitious presidential candidate out on the campaign trail and shed a revelatory light on America's political process". seems interesting. and it's getting released to coincidence with the november election (and apparently a couple of new episodes; to be included in this set? one could draw that conclusion from the following words: "The Criterion Collection is proud to present Tanner '88 in its entirety, from New Hampshire to the convention, and beyond."). then it's Catherine Breillat's 2001 Fat Girl (with both DD and DTS tracks! and i assume the film was shot in french, so, if true, this is a very cool move from the folks at Criterion). and finally, Georges Franju's 1960 classic (apparently, because Criterion fans have been talking about this one for months) horror film Eyes Without a Face is coming out.

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