August 28, 2004

very late posting. came back from work. exhausted. work week finally over. double-fuckin-yay. i should have taken my shower and gone to bed by now but, yep, i'm trolling around the netesphere. had to post this, though:

the version of "Oceania" with both Björk and Kelis that's floating around is the real deal and not a mash-up. obviously this needs to make its way onto a single or something.
"We were doing a show called Fashion Rocks in London last year, and our dressing rooms were right next to each other," Kelis said. "Björk had a Peaches CD that was skipping, and I gave her my copy of the CD. So we started talking and we hung out after the show."
i'll update a bit more about this past week this coming weekend.

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