August 18, 2004

watched BB5. right now, since Scott and Jase are not there anymore to be made fun of, i've kinda let go a bit of the show (recaps included. i don't read them as religiously as i used to these past couple of weeks). but i am watching the shows now to see if they get the general tone of the house right. and last night's episode was a good one, demonizing their much-loved twins a bit. thank god they didn't gloss over that one.

i woke up to an email from DVDPacific this morning telling us that they'd found a worm in their system and to check our credit card bills. i checked mine and there, hidden among the various charges i recognized, was a $35 charge from some company out in the Netherlands. DIAGE.COM was the name. typed it up and sure enough, it's real. an email service of some kind. i emailed them asking if they were doing business with companies i could have bought from (i couldn't figure out if i'd bought something i couldn't remember). but then i googled it up and found out that a lot of DVDPacific customers got the very same charge as i did. called up the Visa rep but she says to wait for an answer from Digital Age before doing anything. i guess she wasn't aware of that company yet (i hadn't come across the fraud when i called her up either). so that's it. just wanted to give you a heads up if you ever come across it. i just sent a second email to Digital Age asking them for a full refund. i don't suspect them, i believe the person who did this used the company. or something like that.

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