August 05, 2004

well i just got my first Kiley Dean single. i ordered her two singles from mymusic last weekend but this is the only that's shipped right now. the second one is apparently backordered and is gonna shipped next week (my third item, Timbaland and Magoo's first album, Welcome to Our World, was sadly out of stock from them too; but i only learned that after i put in my order. now i'm paying $6 worth of shipping on two $4 singles. that sucked big time). about the single now. "make me a song". all my frustration about the ordering situation vanished as soon as the first note struck out of the speakers. whoa, baby! the song is good. but as i'd feared from seeing the title, is anybody thinking this is kind of a knock-off on Celine Dion's 1991 single "des mots qui sonnent" where she asks songwriter Luc Plamondon to write her a top ten single, something that will resonate, etc? not only does Kiley's title suggests the same subject matter but the lyrics border closely on copying. i'm not saying that's what they did. but it's one mean coincidence in the world of songwriting if they didn't. still an enjoyable song, though. hopefully we'll have a full album from her soon (dammit).

np: kiley dean - "make me a song"

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