August 12, 2004

work week as always. working evenings. things are good. and it's raining hard. especially today. it's been kinda muggy for the past couple of days and the humidity was getting back up to its summer average. the rain feels good.

i'm very excited about the albums i was able to find today:

mobb deep - amerikaz nightmare
damien rice - b-sides
the tragically hip - in between evolution

i finally started playing the Damien Rice cd two days ago. and it hasn't left my damn computer cd player since. seriously. it's damn good. not necessarily mind-blowing or outta this world, but really good music. and the songs have started sticking since yesterday. thus the excited purchase of his b-sides ep. btw, anyone know if the album is a collection of the actual b-sides from his singles? i know it might be obvious but reading the tracklistings from the singles it's not clear whether those are official studio versions or live versions (like some the ones found on the ep). scratch that. i just read the revised titles for the alternate versions from the ep on Damien's site and they are the single versions. thanks. that's pretty much it for today. don't forget to watch Big Brother live tonight on CBS to (probably) see Jase get his ass kicked the fuck out of the goddamn house. hopefully the hamsters stick to their plan of making the eviction a living hell for him.

np: damien rice - o

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