August 28, 2004

wow. going to bed around 4 in the morning and waking up at 10 doesn't really give you a good night's sleep. that's what i found out today. fuck. lol :)

this past week has been a really good one for me, music-wise. here's the total tally:

Blue Rodeo - Casino *
QB Finest - Queensbridge the Album (Nas, Mobb Deep, Capone, ...) *
Nas - Stillmatic *
k-os - Joyful Rebellion +
Young Buck - Straight Outta Ca$hville (very cool limited edition) +
The Unicorns - Who Will Cut our Hair When We're Gone? ++
Molasses - Trouble at Jinx Hotel ++

* used record store finds - which i am marking because it's always fun to stumble on these
+ incredibly cheap new releases
++ finally ordered directly from alien8recordings

i wasn't sure about the Young Buck record but the reviews, cool packaging, and cheap price convinced me to get it. and i'm glad i did because so far (and i haven't even listened to it all the way through yet) this is by far my favorite G Unit album (and not only by default because the others have been tepid affairs either; what i've heard so far is actually really good). i'm not a G Unit fanatic; i like some of their songs. but this one's the best one. i'll have to go back to the used record store this weekend to get a couple of other albums i saw, and i might swing by HMV afterwards for some cheap Nas and Mobb Deep records.

don't forget -- for some reason NBC is starting the new SCRUBS season next tuesday at 9:25 pm (yay! it won't conflict with the BB5 at 8 * special time only for next tuesday).

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