May 28, 2005

ah. another lazy, hazy day. the skies were clouded and the air cool but the sun poked its funny head out from time to time. woke up early and spent the afternoon at the ex-roommate's place outside of the city. but first i swung by HMV to get a cd (which ended up being two thanks to cheap prices - HMV, who knew?).

GORILLAZ - DEMON DAYS - Limited Edition (ha. i actually got the Murdoc cover thinking it was 2D (ie. Albarn). nice packaging, though.)
VERVE//REMIXED3 & UNMIXED3 ($14.99. not bad. reviews haven't been that great but the remixers, and the series, are always, at the very least, engaging and fascinating.)

9:54 pm

...and of course, once you open up the Limited Edition booklet, you can switch between all four character shots :P lol ...yay.

i just went running and it felt hella good. there won't be anymore messing around (apparently) between the ex and i. i just asked her on the phone earlier tonight if, after rollerblading tomorrow afternoon, she'd like to have dinner, watch a movie and sleep over. she said probably not. i asked her if she would ever sleep over again. she said probably not. we're officially, officially, broken off now. see, she's been avoiding it the past couple of weeks, even when she would stay over late to watch a movie, she'd always find an excuse (although they were always real) to go back home. i kinda knew but i didn't think she'd have the courage to actually stand up and take a stand for both of us. see, we both knew it would end at some point. we couldn't work as a couple. we knew that much ages ago. but messing around and hanging out was fun and we both had someone there for one another. i was both hurt and pissed when i hung up. not pissed at her, though, just at the situation, which, as crappy as it might be, is the best way it could end, really. my initial reaction was to be passive-aggressive and make her feel guilty about it. but it was manipulative and i want to move on from that (i can be manipulative when i feel hurt. that was my little way of getting back). but i decided, after laying in my bed and dozing off a little, that i would try to run it out. i took my iPod and went outside. Jet's Get Born, which i got for the ex-roommate last week and never really listened to since, was the best running mate i could've asked for tonight. wow. it blew my mind and instantly filled me with joy and made me feel hopeful (i know it's corny, believe me, but it's true!). it felt like such a geeky movie moment but there it was, happening to me as the sun was setting down. they took me right out of my brand new blues (which i was consciously trying to fight anyway). but not by entertaining me, the songs are actually about loss and moving on. it was quite stirring.
so that's it. end of story :)
have a good evening.

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