May 15, 2005

hello. yesterday the ex and i went shopping. she brought one of her roommates with which i get along quite well. tremendous fun was had by all. at the end of our run we stopped by the used record stores downtown and i was actually able to find some cool stuff at this one tiny store and a Ron Sexsmith cd i'd been looking at for the past couple of weeks at another:

THE ROOTS - THE ROOTS COME ALIVE - limited edition, 2cd
THE ROLLING STONES - METAMORPHOSIS - abko remastered series, cd/sacd

got this at FS:


i didn't even know the live Roots cd was out as two editions. i saw that once i got back home and realized i'd lucked out once again and had bought the limited edition :)

okay. here's my huge used find, folks. somewhat controversial because the film is right up there with Braveheart, actually holding the number one spot, as my most reviled and despised film of all time. the tiny record store holds a few used dvd's but they're mostly full screen versions of crappy popular films and i always see the same ones everytime i'm there. so imagine my fucking total surprise when i saw the following for a mere $14 CDN, taxes included:


!!! lol. i know, i know :P but i had to. it's a fucking Criterion and at $14 not too big a loss, is it? ( is selling it for $78.39!!!) i'm so not regretting buying it. this is the freak release of the Collection, but that's one of the reasons that make this set so special. i could not pass it up. and whatever anyone says about it, it looks damn good in my collection :)

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