May 25, 2005

i've been tracking my Amazon order since getting that email sunday night about it finally being processed (and getting a complimentary upgrade). but nothing's moved since then. last night i noticed that my package was finally accepted at the Post office. yeah, great. move it, folks. i just checked and it's still stuck there. i just heard a car pull up and loud cb radio crackling. i look outside ... and see an Xpresspost truck parked in front of my apartment!! :D here's what i got:

The Decemberists - Picaresque
Antony and the Johnsons - I am a bird now
the books - Lost and Safe

yay! :)

on top of that i ordered Criterion's Jules and Jim two-disc set today, which is coming out next week, from DVDPacific, hoping they would get the sets in early. well, they did :) the order hasn't shipped yet but they just filled out that part of the order. nice.

Future Roommare dropped by earlier today with Cute Girl. he wanted the apartment's address and phone number to switch his stuff over for next month (and it's official -- we're gonna have Bell ExpressVU ! :D i'm not necessarily a fan of Bell per se but i can't wait to navigate the world of satellite tv :). he also wants to get the rugs cleaned by this weekend so he can start bringing some boxes in. he's a positive guy and cool to be around. we'll have fun together. he's also a bit older than my usual crowd and we get along great so it should be fun to have a new best friend ;)

this ain't helping my desperate music-lover's search on Sleater-Kinner /The Woods/Dave Fridmann i had going late monday night.

Ismail Merchant has passed away.

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