May 20, 2005

my Merge order just came in!

SPOON - GIMME FICTION - limited edition, 2cd

that is all for the day. tonight's my last shift for the week. the ex and i actually started our Star Wars marathon last night after work (now the differences between the old trilogy and the new one are clear as day for me. hopefully Episode III is able to bridge some of the gaps between the two series, ie. full-on cgi=awful / live action=rocks). ps. i think it had been eight years since i'd last seen Episode IV (and i don't think i'd even watched the other two special editions that came out after that). i've been used to the new films for the past, what, six years now. it freaked me out how much magic and power the old films contain and how i'd forgotten about the damn spell they have on you. i missed that. i actually got excited again -excited like a kid again- watching a (Star Wars) film. Episoe I and II were okay, the cgi was brilliant, but they weren't as clunky or real, and certainly the performances and characters weren't as real as the ones from the previous trilogy. well, i'm gearing up for the weekend. still waiting for a final answer from my friend about sunday night.

we've got Oldboy !!!!!!!
with original Korean language (and french subtitles)!!
ohmyfuck. and me and my crowded weekend. goddammit. i'll try to fit it in an afternoon next week before work.

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